Live Test Troblem

So as a newbie, I have to fins apps to learn from. So I made a copy of an app called Actech demo which another Thunker recommended. It comes up on my projects screen, and I can load it into Thunkable, but when I connect my phone it still loads the previous app I was studying. How do I overcome this? TIA

So I have figured it out. The Actech Demo app blacks out my phone. So full of bugs. Can someone explain to me as to how to render a stored .txt file in a label please. Or is this not possible? TIA

In the current version of Thunkable X, you can not work with local files. Try using other methods - upload data to the text block, from the web server, from Firebase, AirTable, etc.

Have you used the Android device to view my project Actech Demo? If so, the project does not really work. This project is used to demonstrate the capabilities of Thunkable X under iOS and as a stability indicator for Thunkable X under iOS and Android.

@actech. Yes I did have a look at your app. It was helpful, and I made some good progress yesterday. Thank you. I worked around the local file issue by simply c&p the contents of my .txt file into a label, and that worked. Not sure if that is the proper protocol, but nevertheless it worked.

On one of the screens or tabs, the actech app managed to get detailed info of my phone, but I couldn’t find the corresponding blocks. Is the data (i.e phone number) of that data usable in X?

In the Android app I have made, there is no need to go outside for any data, and I would like to keep it that way for the cross platform version.

The reason I asked about the phone number, is that in AI2 I came across a clever work around for verifying a user’s phone number by ‘sending’ an SMS without actually ‘sending’ an SMS. I’d like to share the blocks for that with you, but don’t know how. I think that would make a useful tutorial.

Another thing I don’t quite understand is the difference between Screens and Tabs, could you explain this please. TIA