Listview extended by cloning, only shows 9 elements of 12

Hello friends, I’ve been using thunkable classic for a while, and I’m creating apps in the PRO, recently I saw a post on how to make an extended list and take it as a reference, but this time I have a problem. of 12 elements for example, only 9 can be displayed and I would like to know what algorithm I can use to click the button, say the position, I hope you can help me, I enclose the capture of my list in blocks and in design.

Hi @kidjp,

Cloning elements can sometimes get a bit mixed up when the loop you are running doesn’t have a pause/wait time in it. Could you try putting in a wait block set to 0.1 or 0.2 seconds?

Also a good solution to this for you is the brand new Data Viewer component. You can add images, titles, subtitles, descriptions and swipe left/right to a list using a local or external database. Check it out!