List viewer is resetting after changing screens and coming back

Basically I create a random list from a Firebase DB and then navigate to another screen, when I come back to the screen with the list it doesn’t preserve what was in the list.

Is there a way to preserve lists from a random bit of data from Firebase?

Thanks again

List Viewer is a simple component that is linked, as its name says, to a list, and not to a data source as is List Viewer Data.
Theres many factors that can change your ListViewer… Maybe list that is linked to changes while you navigate to another screen. Theres too few infos provided to get a straight answer.

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When the page restarts it’s probably making a new random list? So store it as a variable the first time and check if it exists, don’t remake it on future visits.


as i said, were just guessing here because lack of infos :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Yes it is remaking it, but if I disable the blocks that recreate a new list, the entire list is blank instead of it making a new list. I
t’s like the list has been set to not visible, but it is in face still set to be visible.

So you need to create the list when the screen starts if it is an empty and not if it isn’t an empty list

Right, when I try that it still creates a new one.

Post your blocks.


Sorry this image is incorrect, I was messing around with it. It was supposed to be =

When I go back into the screen, the list is just purely blank. I don’t have anything else telling the list to not be visible or anything either.

Here’s the correct blocks too

Providing a screenshot with a mystery function (“modify”) is not going to help anyone figure out how to help you. We actually need to see the blocks that are populating the List Viewer with data.

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How many items do you have in that list? I noticed the same issue if several items are shown (let’s say 1000). Is this the case also for you?

No it’s less than a dozen