List is not getting updated instead getting overwritten

Hi All,

In below code my variable ListIndex is not getting updated-appended instead it overwrite the last written value in it. but while using clone function its working fine… could anyone please help me in this, what needs to be corrected.

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  1. I do not recommend using blocks of global variables when working with objects and lists of objects.

  2. wait blocks used in your block. This is an error in your algorithm. If the algorithm is working properly, then 99% of the block need not wait.

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Thanks for your reply actech…

i am using global variable bcoz i want to use the values in other screen as well.

the main problem is that the list is not updating but in clone function i am getting results.

in clone function first label getting value like 0,1,2,3 stored in firebase but in listindex variable i am getting only 3

when i am not configure to have a empty list everytime before putting variable value in it… i am getting 3,3,3,3 as only the last value is appended in from the loop.

if empty list is code is used then i get only one value that is 3… and as per loop i should get 0,1,2,3

If you need the data on another screen, it works with variable function, and before moving to another screen, use the app block. But this method will not work if you move to another screen comes on swipe gestures.

In my bag-tracker ( ) is an example which shows that the app block not operate properly with objects.

Why do you use the delay units “wait”? Thukable X and runs slowly without these blocks, and you further slows down.

You call in the loop many times a block, which refers to cloud data. It is 100% guaranteed issues. First you need to get all the data cloud and only because to do loop on them, and not vice versa.

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thanks for your reply @actech

is there a way that let say i have cloned 5 rows and each row there is 2 label and 1 button…

i know how to get index of the button from the list of clone button but i want to know how can i get text from the pressed button ->row-> 2nd label

i want to know how can i get text from the pressed button