List index problem (list Get)

Hi all,

in my code i use a textinput to fill a list (of 8 elements) then i use “shuffle” on the list and i split it in two separate lists of 4 elements each.

if i use a listviewer on my shuffled list it display correcly all 8 elements but in my other 2 lists it seems like I lost the first number so the second element is shown as first and the 8th is missing

(mescolato is my shuffled list, and i’ve used List_Viewer5 only to know if mescolato was correctly shuffled)

what perplexes me is that this happens only sometimes, it almost seems that sometimes the list index starts with #1 and others with #0.

Any clue?


When you open a screen you need to give it time to open. Create a process/function and nest those elements in the function.

hi, thanks for the help,

i’m pretty new so correct me if i’m wrong, i’ve to create a function where i split in two list and then call that function when i open the screen?


Pull stuff away from the immediate trigger on screen open. Let the screen open and settle. If you have a bunch of background stuff going on, it can slow the screen opening down and cause issues to skip, stall, or hit null>void.

Unfortunately it’s the same,
i also tried to add a button that call my function so i can leave it some time to load, but the got the same result. :frowning:

and it works sometimes and other times it does not even with the button? (nice job with that. Great way to debug)

yes, no changes, even with the button,
in my opinion it’s a index issue, cause i’ve done another test:
i’ve removed the function and added a label where i will put the value of the #0 element in list.
When the error occour the label change from “undefined” to “first element of list”, so it seems that sometimes lists starts at 0 :astonished:

it’s this possible?:thinking:

You still have it in the Screen Opens. Don’t include this complex logic in that block

List indexes have been an issue for a while

So it’s probably a bug and not some errors of my code?