Error index in list or list viewer


I have read about index problems with list o list viewer. Some times it appears to start in 0 and other to start in 1.

I am goin to try to explain me how I try to solve the bug.

When you test in live the app, if you are in the screen with the list, the index start in this screen with 1, but in others screens with another lists, they start with 0.

That occurs when you download the app, in the screen where you are when download the app, the list start in 1 but in others screens with lists start in 0.

Any solution? Because I can solve only doing a math operation (index-1) in other screens wheere I am not there when download the app but this is a strange solution. It works but I feel that in any moment the app can’t crashes.


Hi @raul_denia, welcome to the Thunkable Community!

We’ve just published a tutorial on working with Lists here:

All lists should be indexed from 1, if you have a specific example (or better yet, if you can create a very simple project that reproduces this error) can you share it here for us to take a closer look at please?


Nice tutorial but It seems a bug in my large project because if it works properly, when I access to list[0] it will be an error, but it works well.

I read in the gitub another cases with the same error in large projects (more than 1mb).

I create the list view from colums from airtable.

I will try to make a captures to show you.

I have a similar problem. I know the index of the element selected in the listviewer, but I do not know the index of the same element in airtable. The elements I show in the listviewer are a subset of the rows stored in airtable. Sometimes it seems that airtable stores the elements starting in 0 (if I select the row 5, it shows me the row 6). But if I set +1 the rownumber variable, then it shows me the -1 row, and sometimes the correct one.
How do you fix it?

I have exactly the same problem than raul_denia, and I have resolved in the same way. It`s strange, but it’s work.

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The same thing happens to me if I’m on some screens, but if I’m in the block area of ​​the screen where the list is, it works well.

The problem is that the listviewer changes the index.

clearly it is a listviewer bug as it has been reported by raul_denia

Hi @luk2009, is this bug already fixed? Thanks in advance!