Links in Pdf files are not working on Android

Hi, I have my app ready, its simple app with pdf files in it. Every pdf files have links in it. These links are working fine on iOS but it is not working on android or even when i test on my pc. any idea what i am missing.

Where are the PDFs stored? Are they cloud-based? Can you share a sample PDF or link to one?

When you say “it is not working” what exactly do you mean? Is there an error, is the screen blank, something else?

If possible, share a link to your project.

Edit: if it’s your “PDF Viewer demo for @taiskleinoliveira8y3” project (oh wow, I think I made that…) project then I was able to see both PDFs on my iPhone 11 in Thunkable Live and on my Mac (Chrome browser).

But when I Live Test the project on my Moto X4, only the PDF Reader shows the PDF, not the Web Viewer. The Web Viewer shows this:

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The Android Web Viewer has this error and will not properly work if the HTML file is used as a project asset. It work if the HTML file is located in a server and you access it using a URL.

See this post

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Good to know, @muneer. But also, if I replace the Web Viewer URL property value with a web-based version of the PDF, it appears as blank.


I added a Web Viewer component and pointed it to the URL of this file

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>Title of the document</title>
    <h1>PDF Example</h1>
    <p>Open a PDF file <a href="">example</a>.</p>

Which is a sample HTML file in my GDrive with your sample PDF file and it works fine in Android 9 but not in Android 11.