Layout: how to use transform perspective, rotate settings

Hi I have been trying to get to grips with the settings under the perspective menu for a while now.
In particular I need to be able to rotate an element by an exact number of degrees but the incrementation seems odd (does not follow either geometrical degrees (360 for a full rotation)
or % (100 for a full turn, 50 for a 180 degree rotation)
If anyone could help me out with this would be very grateful.
Also I need to reverse the image in an element (flip) if possible.
thanks in advance

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Hi there,

The number you enter to rotate a component along the X, Y or Z axis is actually the amount of radians you are rotating that element by!

When you are choosing an axis to rotate your component around, the X axis is straight across, the Y axis is straight up and down, and the Z axis can be imagined as going from the front of your phone to the back of your phone.

The following is a screenshot of three Buttons which have been rotated by 3.14 radians (180 degrees) around the X, Y and Z axis.



Thanks for this Jane. Appreciate your time Iā€™m going to experiment with this now :+1: