Latest Thunkable ✕ + iOS Release (Apr 5) - Spreadsheet powered by Airtable, Payment powered by Stripe, Deep Linking on Android, Blockly zoom control

Hey Thunkers,

We are excited to announce two new components today powered by two of the most popular services for apps, Airtable and Stripe. We also have a few platform updates to improve your thunking experience.

We’ll be adding a few sample apps that demonstrates these new capabilities in the coming days so stay tuned!

Spreadsheet powered by Airtable

Airtable is a popular service that looks like a spreadsheet but actually acts like a database so it can do database-like things like store attachments i.e. images in your spreadsheets (and not just text) and link records between spreadsheets.
We like Airtable because set-up is relatively a breeze for a spreadsheet.

Below is how you would upload data from your app to your spreadsheet

Payment powered by Stripe

Stripe is one of the most popular payment providers for internet providers globally and powers the Payments component, which accepts all major debit and credit cards from customers in every country in 135+ currencies. Like Airtable, Stripe is relatively easy to set-up for a payment service (there are still a number of steps involved so please read the fine print).

IMPORTANT The Payment component powered by Stripe charges a 4.9% fee +$0.30 per transaction, 2% of which is taken by Thunkable as a maintenance fee.

Other updates in this release

  • We now support opening an installed app by deep link on both iOS and Android (aka Activity Starter) via a Control block. You can find deep links for commonly installed apps at a helpful site called URL genius

  • Blocks now includes zoom control and a better location for the trash can (we know that this was super annoying before)

  • Properties have also been reorganized into more intuitive categories (more re-organization to come so please let us know if you have suggestions)


prospering new stuff while doing homework (for example fixing the “functions-working-only-on-Screen1-bug”) -> one can count on your @thunkable team!

Hello @albert
This is a great thing! We are so happy to see the big improvement.
Would you fix the Test live, please? It show white screen most of time.
And I do need a sample app for quiz that has a question with two choices. I want to know how to deal with list and variables. Please. I like to build my app on Thunkable x my app “Guidy”

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I have a few suggestions for you guys:

Move the Firebase settings and Stripe settings into their own respective property menus. It’s going to get confusing really soon with all these new components.

Also, I don’t think there’s a need for the simple and advanced toggle. Maybe you could just put the simple settings on top and the advanced ones below all in one menu.

One more thing, app properties should have a toggle for Android and iOS app settings, to stop them from blending together and confusing people.

Good work Thunkable Team! Thunkable X is starting to become a whole lot more useful!!


These are great suggestions Tyson – will be sending it along to our team as we keep iterating.


Hey there,

We have a set of troubleshooting tips for white screen that may help:

Please chat with us on your questions about lists and variables – they both should be available.


Plz add Rewarded video ads in The kale x.

i have a question! Please can Thunkable X UI take the form of the android platform? everything looks a bit disorderly. (first Impression)

You recommended to use “percent” instead of “pixel” in Android. What do you recommend to use in Thunkable x?

Hello Albert,
I know you are doing so hard on Thunkable x but I do need some features on Android as well.
Would you add Lotti to Android, please?
I am doing hard too to improve my app “Guidy” I need this feature.
Please develop Android.
Best regards!

Add option for swipe to change screen(İnvisible tab buttons).
Add Button background image support.
Live Test still not stable(I know its beta stage)
Add information text to Advanced Options
We cant type words and select used components on block side we need click to left panel.Add Redu-Undo operations.
Backpack needed for future.( Is it possible let user share code and other user paste it to own block side and its generate block from code? Blocks to code Code to block for easy share projects not need upload to our account just import code to own project)

Hey Ali,

You can swipe to change screens using a Tab Navigator which is a new way to organize screens. You’ll have to enable swiping to make this work. You can see it in the Translator Sample App

Button background image is coming very soon and we are working on the others!

Thanks for the feedback,

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Hi there.

Thanks for this feedback – we are looking into some changes so if you have anything you really want to see, please let us know. We likely won’t make it look exactly the same because there were UX problems in the old interface.


For me, I generally use percent since it will be more responsive to different screen sizes especially on Android but there are instances when pixels may be better esp when sizing UI components with text in it.

I think this means we should write a blogpost on this soon so stay tuned -


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Would you make the blocks in Thunkable x similar to Android even the names. We are familiar with Android more than iOS.
Thanks in advanced!

What about Rewarded video ad component.

Nice work. Thank you very much. I am with thunk from beggining. I hope to stay free a long time. God bless you all.

I want to show large spreadsheets in the data app

What about deep linking to the thunkable app. The apk has a androidManifest.xml. no way to make it accessable before the compiling process?


Okay, I found it in the thunkable docs - thx for that. However the docs were not right for thunkable classic: can anyone check my proposed settings for the activity starter:

Activity Class: com.{username}.{appname}.Screen1
Activity Package: com.{username}.{appname}

EDIT: and has somebody checked “get plain text” or “get start value”, yet? I’m wondering, if using the Extrakey APP_INVENTOR_START and a textstring as Extravalue will be functional!