Latest Android Release (Feb 8) - Package Name change


Why would a programmer dedicate his time for that ??? this New Update is cool and very good and if any one can do that in thunkable, such a person can also do that in Android Studio or even AppyBuilder which also allows customising package name. Lets embrace this change/feature and look at the positives it brings

This is a Pro Feature been offered by Thunkable for Free and We are Grateful to Team @thunkable .


Unfortunately it deletes an app from me before I know the changes and when I opened the backup this change must have been made, I can no longer update my application in the Play Store, I am really very sad about this news. If anyone can help me, please.


what happen ?


count it plus one! @albert
same to me here:
In the development of my app, I often make duplicates and because of that I do “Save app as”. Now it seems that this changes the apk name.

Now the update is not accepted in the german playstore:

I checked the corresponding aia file:
Screenshot from 2018-02-18 10-01-42

I really think, you can do what you think is best for thunkable, and I trust in the @thunkable developer team.
But I cannot understand, why you made this choice:
Publishing in the PlayStore is the most vulnerable part, when you have put months of work into the project. And I am sure you knew, that this problem would be coming for a lot of users!


EDIT 18.02.2018, 11:10 :
The easiest way for me was a new app in the app store. My steps:

  1. Create a gmail-acount with your companies name (this name will be in the apk-name)
  2. Create a new thunkable account by logging in with this gmail-account.
  3. Create Project or import your aia-Project
  4. Export keystore and keep it somewhere really save!
  5. Export aia and apk at the same time and keep them save in a archive folder
  6. publish in appstore

(I was able to keep the exact Name of the app(“MyApp”), because the apk-name has changed from “com.thunkable.MyCompany.MyApp” to “com.MyCompany.MyApp”)
! But I have to tell the users of my app to install this new app !

Hope this may help someone! Keep thunking


We understand that we created some issues with our package name change. We are working on a change that will allow you to import old .aia files and keep their old package names. We expect that to be available soon.

Sorry for the trouble that this has caused.



Thank you @Mark I’m really looking forward to it because I can’t update some apps until you fix this issue!



I am also stuck to release a new update apk on play store, due to package name changed.



Did you see Albert’s post above?



Sir, I have published an app on google play store now I want to update the app but it is show package name problem what should I do. and I have aia file of previous version app. need help please help me. when ever I upload my apk file it says that package name should be I am really confused what should I do?


seriously, are you all unable to read?! It is LITERALLY 2 posts above…

To ask stuff right below the solution without even taking the slightest effort on reading is really ignorant behaviour… Sometimes I get the feeling people like spending more time in writing different forms of “help me/i need help/help please/do help me!!!” than spending a few minutes trying to find a solution themselves :roll_eyes:

Because I feel like you still won’t be able to find it, here again:


Thank you everybody @gurmeet @Domhnall @albert @Mr_Blackd @Choofa @Avram I have sucessfully update my app on google play store. If I have annoyed you guys by questions than please forgive me . But thank you all again.


How to sovle bro

Plz check and help sir


I have just tried to update my app and Google bans you from uploading a APK as it does no longer have the com.thinkable prefix, this is a BIG PRO|BLEM caused by your LITTLE Change

I have had to rename the app, as you cannot have the same app name on Google Play,
Gone through the entire creation process again, including all the certification and image loading, form filling etc.

By your little change you have removed the security of my original app and made it invalid!


“Existing app projects will maintain their same package names” This is not true in my case, my original project change when I compile the apk and have the new format com.{username}.{appname}, so i cant update my app in the store.
“uploading legacyapp project (.aia) from my computer” doesn’t work because my legacyapp was beta.thunkable. what can i do?


This update broke my package name

I love using this old update

But when i import my aia using legacy option its not change my package name to ai format.So ı cant update my old apps on google play fix it guys @albert @wei @Domhnall


Sir Albert: My App was uploaded in Play Store originally compiled from beta.thunkable, so it has the format:, I need to launch an update, so I need to keep that same format, but when I export from beta.thunkable and then import from thunkable (with the Legacy option), this does not keep the old format. Can you do something to fix it?

Nor does it help me to import from AIA, since I need the format
Do you get me?
Thanks in advance!


@wei @albert

I use upload legacy app project option.Its not changed my app package format to App Inventor.I cant update my app anymore.What ı need do guys? why changed this its make a big problem for me and others


ypumpeople should change the keystore password because there are some hackers outside who take your keystore and make shit with that because they know the password for the keystore bc the keystore is in all builder the same and the password is in all builder password.


Why not give people ability to create custome package name.

For example if someone s creating a new project hey will have the default package name but if they want to charge it they can do it in the project.

I’m telling you hat you should give a a place were developers can change it like you can change version name and version code in the first screen thank you.