Latest Android Release (Feb 8) - Package Name change


Hi Thunkers,

Yesterday, we released a few small updates on Android, most notably removing thunkable from package names. A package name is usually only visible when you publish your app to the Play Store.

New package names

  • New apps built on Thunkable will have the following package name format com.{username}.{appname}

  • Existing app projects will maintain their same package names (which should not create any conflict when updating apps already on the Google Play Store).

Full release notes here

Albert on behalf of the team @ Thunkable

A complete guide to changing app package name / custom keystore signing
New name in Google Play for uploaded app

Won’t this be a problem?

Because if I create an email address such us [email protected] and then sign it up for a Google account, I would be able to use Thunkable. And consequently my apps will have a package name as WhatsApp Inc.
And this can cause conflicts with already existing apps, IMHO (?)
For example, I could just create an email address with [email protected],sign up in Thunkable and publish apps with your domain, no?

BTW, I’ve already reported this error in package names with non-gmail domains, but they said it wasn’t important

But now that you remove your mark from the package name it can be a little issue


If I have an existing app on Google Play, can I change package name or it will be changed automatically or it cannot be changed?
Thanks a lot for this feature!


That is correct – unfortunately, you’ll have to use another email address with Thunkable in that event.

Albert @ Thunkable


Hi there. If you have an existing app on Google Play, Google won’t allow you to change your package name unless you want to lose your history e.g. downloads, reviews etc.

We recommend keeping your package name as is and this change will not affect existing projects.



Is it Ok if I update my app?


Sure! You can do whatever you please.



But aren’t you a bit worried about people that can publish apps in other company names? Because right now I see that anyone can just take the .com domain in any app :confused:
Just with your example. Anybody will be able to publish apps with com.thunkable and harm your image


Dear Mr. Albert,
We all are looking for increasing app size, please work on this issue. We do appreciate your great effort.
I know that you will add more wonderful features that can improve our apps.
Thank you so much!


Users who use Android Studio can do that as well. I think Google Play has a very strong C terms.
If someone build an app without publishing it on Google Play, then many people who use Android Studio can put “Thunkable” in their apps.
I think this new feature “custom package name” is a great feature.


Yes, but now you are “forced” to use a domain linked to your GMail account too, and maybe that domain is already registered


Now if I create a new app, will it be in the same package name of my old app on Google Play or I can change it?
If I change the package name of my new app, will it effect or make some problems?


If you create a new app, your package name will be in the format: com.{username}.{appname}

Unfortunately, you cannot customize your package names right now.



What about letting the user choose the package name? Is this planned?


Whats happen when we use save project as or check point?


There seems to be a bug: if you copy a project created before this update and create an .apk, it will install but cannot be opened and is not shown in the app drawer: Current Bugs / Problems with Thunkable No. 9


this has happened to me also, you just export aia and keystore, delete the project and re-import (usually only aia)
then compiled apk is working as it should…


thx for this workaround - I will add it to the summary - anyways Thunkable should fix this issue.


If the username robert.foley , what will be the package name?
com.robert.foley.appname like this ?


I had same problem and I did what you said and works fine now, thanks.