Landscape support?

Am I right in thinking that plain vanilla screens and TabNavigators do support screen rotation, but StackNavigators do not? Is this documented anywhere?

Also, it would appear that there is no “on rotate” event support in X yet… I’m emulating it with a timer. That about right?



I do not think that it is documented somewhere. Many points in Thunkable X are not yet documented, something does not work, or it does not work as expected. I can only offer to check everything in practice.


Hi there. I believe all of the navigators and screens support rotation by default. There is no way to however fix your orientation i.e. to landscape yet.



Hi All, I dragged a screen object to the first spot. I’ve searched everywhere but cannot find the Appearance menu/tab, on which is supposed to like to Screen Orientation field:

I’m trying to build my app for both android and ios.

Where do I find the setting?

Also, once the app starts running, it doesn’t seem to detect if I turn the device to landscape or portrait. Do I need additional programming for that?


In the current version of Thunkable X, there is no screen orientation setting function and detect it.

The competition to Thunkable also has the limitation that it doesn’t handle landscape (on ios at least) Why is it so difficult to implement?

I would love if you guys implement this feature


Hi there,

If you need to switch between Landscape and Portrait very much, then theoretically you can use such a temporary workaround. Create two identical screens, one of which is rotated by 90 degrees using the rotation property on the additional tab. After that, using Javascript (WebViewer) define the screen size and, if the width is greater than the height, then we call the screen with the rotated interface.

The problem is that when you rotate the screen, there is no event, and then you have to use a timer to track it. But in this case, you’ll have to use Firebase to quickly exchange data between WebViewer javascript and the native part. And for this device need to be online.

Hi AC,

I’m not seeing the “additional” tab. There is a Transform tab, but I do not see how to use it.


All is correct. On the screen, add a button to see the transformation. Select Screen1, the Advanced properties tab, the Transform field group, select Rotate, enter the rotation angle in radians, and click the Add button.



Nothing happens for me:

The angle of rotation must be specified in radians. Enter a value of 1.57 which means clockwise rotation by 90 degrees.

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neither to me…

It will not turn on the screen. Only without simulator.

BUMP Is there any better solution or has the landscape issue been fixed yet?

We are currently working on adding support for changing the screen orientation, as well as supporting user rotation of the device. It requires some underlying third-party software package updates updates and we’re hoping for it to get released within a week or two.



like and bump because this deserves full attention. @Mark keep up the great work and I’ll continue being a paying member as should all to keep building the future… please keep us posted


Same thing with me, I have a piano game I am making and need it on landscape.

We’re still busy at work doing the third-party software package update (it’s Expo, in case you’re interested). It’s complicated, because the upgrade has the potential to affect lot of different parts of Thunkable ✕, so we have to do a bunch of careful work and testing.

Thanks for your patience!



5 months since the last “update” so here’s another BUMP. I get you guys have to work around some things but uhhh landscape and portrait are the very BASICS of app foundation. Lets focus on this kind of stuff FIRST please. How are we paying for such a broken foundation? If this were a building it would have fallen over. We have so many “features” that cant be used properly. The faith in Thunkable is waning.