KutiSomnis - Analyze your sleeping habits

Hi there!, :kissing_heart:

I’ve just released my summer project to Play Store. KutiSomnis

That’s an app where the user records his sleep habits in order to check, in relation to their age, if they sleep the recommended amount of hours or not. Also you can track your sleep quality.

Besides that, you can see your hours and that stuff in a statistics section. :grin:

You can see that statistics, as timeframe of month or as a year. And select which year and which month do you want to see.

Those graphics work with Chat Maker Extension: Chat Maker Extension.

Also, it tell’s you if that month you slept good enough or not, and gives you the average -in hours- of that month:

(Débil is weak in Spanish.)

If you speak Spanish you can download that app from Play Store. → KutiSomnis - Play Store

If you do not speak Spanish you can download The Very Bad Translated App as well.

KutiSomnisEnglish.apk (2.7 MB)

But I really recommend the Spanish version, because well… I didn’t full translate English version from Spanish and I didn’t give it enough love either. (And may be partially corrupted.)

By the way, the signing up step is very useful, because some partners and I are doing a research investigation about sleep. And is useful for us situating sleeping habits all arround the world. I promise not doing something weird with that data.

If you have any questions about that project, you can ask me, I will be proud answering :star_struck:, if you want, I will be publishing concepts and “blocky code” about how I have programmed that app.

I really want to thank the autors of the extensions that I’ve used:

-Extra Dialogs: https://nmd-apps.jimdo.com/ - Mika
-Chart Maker: https://github.com/MillsCS215AppInventorProj/chartmaker - Kate Manning, Emily Kager and Ellen Spertus
-Countdown extension: Countdown Extension - Luke Gackle


-Thunkable staff as they helped me when I needed. :kissing_heart:
-You, guys, amazing people.


Sounds very interesting and looks nice :slight_smile: Btw NMD apps is not Helios but Mika

Upps… :sweat_smile: I’ve corrected it.

Buen trabajo! Voy a probarla y te dejaré un review en el Google Play Store

Excelente aplicación! Esta captura de pantalla me dio mucha risa! :joy:

Genial aplicación! Me gusta mucho que puedas añadir horas de sueño de días pasados que aparecen en la gráfica.

  • Incluye más teoría, un poco más técnico, me dice por ejemplo que el sueño que tengo es excesivo pero no me dice cuanto tiempo debería dormir para mi edad y cuánto tiempo de siesta. Incluye referencias.
  • En una parte mencionas algunos hábitos para dormir mejor, intenta que parte de la aplicación sea ver si estoy adquiriendo esos hábitos positivos y eliminando los negativos.
  • Tengo un HUAWEI P6 y algunas partes me aparecen truncadas.

Muy buen trabajo!

Great app idea, great job.

Hi! Muchas gracias por los comentarios y sugerencias.

I’ve considered your suggestions and I’ve made a roadmap :

  • Add more theory about sleep, more bibliography,… although in “Hábitos de sueño correctos” [Correct sleep habits] I’ve begun with that job :slight_smile:
  • Add how much does everyone need to sleep, considering it’s age, apart from telling if you’re sleeping the correct amount or not.
  • Add references to the app. By the way… hour sleep amout data is from: https://sleepfoundation.org/
  • I will add a section to be informed about your improvement. Or deterioration :roll_eyes:
  • I’m going to translate that app to English, but that time I will do it seriously and well, :rofl:. And maybe translate to another languages, time will decide.
  • I will try to fix weird size problems in screens.
  • I will try to improve the performance of the app. I used loads of blocks and I tried my best :no_mouth: but I suspect that I can make improvements.
  • Changes in UI. I do not fell comfortable.

Thanks :slight_smile: I will be working soon.


If you need help with UI, you can ask me:)