Kältemeldung | Temperature alert for street workers


in Vienna there’s a charitable hotline to report homeless people sleeping outdoors in winter time to prevent death from cold. You can call them or email them and workers will visit the homeless people, offer to sleep in emergency shelters or handout sleeping bags / warm clothing so they don’t become hypothermic.

When I once called them myself, I realized that it was hard to describe the exact location on the phone… Especially if you do not live in Vienna it might be very difficult to describe the position. Also I thought to myself that having to personally call them may be a inhibition threshold for some people.

That’s why I decided to create an easy to use app that shows your position on the map, lets you easily mark the position of the homeless person and asks the relevant information for the street workers. All the information is packed into a web request that triggers IFTTT to send an email with the information provided and also contains a link to show the exact position on Google Maps to make it easier for the workers to navigate to the person.

The App sticks to material design and has an easy 3-step user interface. I used @Andres_Cotes paid FAB extension (because Thunkables FAB cause many problems), @Taifun textbox and tool extension and the colors extension from @Helios

Within the App you can also call an ambulance in case of emergency. Planned for a future update is including First Aid instructions for hypothermia because for example you should not move a person that is hypothermic.

For now the app is only available in Austria and the in-app-reporting is only available in Vienna for the moment. I plan to expand the service to more Austrian cities but the aid agencies have to agree to receiving alerts via email like the one in Vienna does.

Because of having to use paid extension(s) and using a custom IFTTT trigger action, I cannot share the .aia unfortunately.



That is really a great app you made. To bad you can not share the aia. I think you are really on to something here. The design of your app could be converted to other countries or to other subjects where the community can post messages to counsil or other institutions.

To bad the FAB button from Thunkable is not doing what you would like it to do.

I hope we can find a way where it is possible for you to share your aia or maybe you can share images of your design and your blocks. This way developers can learn from your efforts.

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Great App, really! An example on how to be helpful with Thunkable. Bravo!


Hi. I would like to download the apk, but it is not allowed in my country.

Hi, that’s because it would not make sense to publish the App outside Austria if you can only use it in Austria->Vienna :wink:


It’s a pity you can not share the .aia It’s a very good application.

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