Justification error

The justification of this page is space-around, and it looks fine on the computer, but this happens when I live test it. How can I fix this?

On the Markup screen in the project by reference there is a demonstration of the work of Justification and Alignment. Does it work for you?


The column got cramped like so

  1. In my example, Justification = space-around works for you?
  2. Do you have scrolling =true for the Screen?

It only happened to that screen.
Space-around is fine and scrollable is true

Then see how this screen differs from the rest, where everything works.

I dont see much of a difference though

Can you give me a link to your project?


On this screen, Screen.Scrollable = true, so it does not work. Make Screen.Scrollable = false

It’s fine now. Thanks!