JSON to Thunkable

Hello! I’m a newbie here in this Web API world and I want to convert my JSON to a block where thunkable can read! This is Facebook’s send API reference
I want to make an app that can integrate with facebook messages specifically send and receive messages using Web API component but to send a text you have to submit a post request to the request URL
with your page access token appended to the URL query string while the body of the request URL is sent in JSON format and requires messaging type (String) recipient and message text (object)
How can I do this is thunkable? Is there another way to send messages in facebook through app? How can I convert this JSON string and object to thunkable?

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Hi, @Hizon_Pastor! :wave:

I think this should help you, I have not tested -


Thanks! :blush:


Thank you really appreciate your answer, I’ve tested the blocks but I bump into some problem, what I specifically do is add my facebook access token to the request URL then initialize a messaging type which is RESPONSE, add the recipient ID and create a message
I’ve tested the blocks but after POSTING, the result that I get is
“error”: {
“message”: “Invalid OAuth access token.”,
“type”: “OAuthException”,
“code”: 190,
“fbtrace_id”: “AbeihdbplhUN8E0wL8rG-_T”
I don’t really know what is this, I have been searching in the internet but I get more confuse probably because I’m a beginner
can you help me? Is there another way to send messages in facebook through app?

In the messaging type, i.e response, remove the < & >
also in receipent id, message.

I just added those to show that he value is to be put there respectively :sweat_smile:


Sorry, yes I’ve updated the blocks a couple hours ago and remove the <&> but it still not working it still send the same error as the previous one please help me

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