It's time for a Web3 object to replace the current oasis blockchain object on Thunkable

Uh oh blockchain is popular again at the moment, time to think about this again :stuck_out_tongue:
If you search the forum for blockchain you will find posts saying the thunkable team was thinking of retiring the blockchain library here because of its lack of use. Also you will find posts looking for help because the Oasis example apps simply dont work, or that they are trying to connect to Ethereum

Reasons to retire the Oasis blockchain blocks:

  • many of the documentation links are simply dead, like
  • none of the examples work because Oasis has changed. I do not want to build an app that will randomly break without notice because dependencies were poorly designed by Oasis or they pivot.
  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but there are 0 working
  • Oasis is an enterprise tool now and not what Thunkable people are looking for

Reasons to add a Web3 library block:

  • documentation is very well maintained by dozens of people at web3.js - Ethereum JavaScript API — web3.js 1.0.0 documentation
  • Just creating a web3 object lets thunkable users choose any EVM based chain like Ethereum, xdai, Polygon, etc…
  • Many people posting on this forum about the blockchain thunkable object were really looking for an ethereum connection to make simple wallet apps.
  • Most people looking for a blockchain apps are really looking for ethereum app. When someone says “on the blockchain” this is most likely where they mean.

Thank you for reading!


Yes this sounds great, I’d like to use Stellar as it’s much easier to create a token on there than Ethereum, and transactions are much faster and cheaper too.

It would be great to handle something like vouchers or coupons where are immutable transaction data is required.