Issues on web api's

Hello all,

I worked before with api’s but I do not understand it seams that the calls are not working at all now.
I do not have any response, no status, no error, nothing :frowning:
Are you experiencing the same issue ?

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Can you share a project with this example API?

Have you checked the API by pasting it in the browser URL and see if it returns something in the browser page?

my calls are ok in postman, but even on old apps where everything was working nothing happens :frowning:
I am trying now with a simple open api exemple but no call :frowning:

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Can you share any example that doesn’t work with you?
I just used used a Google hashing API and I can see results.

When using DnD UI, always test API from the web test in the Project Page. The Preview Button has some issues and might not give you the expected response.

Use this

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Thanks a lot.
It is wider than the API.
Last week we saw that we had the same issue on the Timer.

Just before OS15 I had no issue with the preview for web api’s or others. I think this functionnality has issue since then :frowning:

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Thanks @alex_ezacae

Can you create an issue on GitHub please?

If there are two different things happening here please create two different issues as this makes it easier for us to triage and track.


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I just did it.

for me it is not 2 different things it is the same.

When I am inspecting chrome:
On a button with no actions I have a “pressed” each time I am clicking on the button
but on the button that is just trigerring the api : nothing
If I put an action before the call of the api the button is doing it but then stops.

If I take a shortcut I would say that the webpriew do not load all the components especially the ones that are invisible components.

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