Is there a way to store Images in Objects?

So I am trying to allow an Image to be saved as an object and then call that object on a different page and show the Image. With the blacks I have now, I am able to move unique Images as the jpg text but not as the visible Image. Do you guys have any ideas? Or maybe it just isn’t a featur yet but could be?
Annotation 2020-04-02 113856

It works in that I am able to move and store unique images but they appear like this Annotation 2020-04-02 113941|690x182](upload://v1APw0ryF5MijAvPhRbPFEdpI3j.jpeg


I am really not sure if you can put images into objects at all but why are you trying to get a list item when you haven’t created a list so far (at least I can’t see where you did in your blocks).

This is why I doubt you can put actual images in an object :thinking:

Maybe you can change your blocks to use another component?

Best, Chris

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Okay, I’ll give something else a shot. Wasn’t having luck with a stored variable in getting unique pictures to show up on unique clicks but I’ll see what I can do

yes you can! but when you store a new object you inmediatly replace the old one , in the block where you check if “Get property Photo” is empty of object why you use the block in list? your variable stored is not a list “objects aren’t lists” or either you’ll have to create a single object for each picture or to save all the pictures in a list and then to check it , the blocks you’ll find useful are in the List: make list from text or make text from list and in the objects : Get property of objects ( this returns you a list of the objects you stored)

I have been using the block in list as I want the photo to appear after I click on a particular name in my list. So I have been trying to put the “index” tab so that it knows I’m referencing a particular object.

For instance if my list has

I want to be able to click on Jim and have the photo of Jim show up, and if I click on David have the photo of David show up

and when you said if you can save the image as an object you refer the image itself? or the name of the image(route) ? because you can only save the name so if the user deletes his image from the phone I think he won’t be able to access the image again from the app :thinking:

That would be okay, I am wanting essentially to be able to have Profile Pictures that appear the same each time the click but a backup wouldnt need to be stored in the app

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I would save the photo to cloudinary and reference the url in the object property

When you click on the name, the app calls cloudinary and uses the url as a source for the users image.

Okay, cloudinary being a cloud variable? Or the object block JSON?

Check out that link. I dont use their API yet, but i do store a lot of my screenshots for my blog on there because wordpress can kiss my but and makes it hard to store my photos on my server for some reason.


Thanks, I’ll check that out and let you know how it goes