Is there a way to draw a box on the UI other than creating a Group?

Is there any way to draw a box around several items on the User Interface other than creating a group and putting those items in the group?

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You want to group items without a group? Is that right?

I wouldn’t say that I want to group the items. I just want to draw a line or a box on the UI to help organize the items on the screen. I’m wondering if there is any way to draw a line or a box on the screen without creating a group.

No. Not effectively. Use a group.

Got it, thank you.

Any reason you can’t use one?

No reason that I know of. I don’t have any experience with using Group.

Use a group component or import a design from Figma.

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What if you use a label with no text and set border color to, for example black and then resize it to look like a block

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Sounds like that would work @varunkadapatti - all you need to do is make sure it’s below the other components in the Component Tree to give this effect.

Going back to Jared’s original recommendation, you can also set a border on a group too, so you’d have the best of both worlds

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Yes, absolutely. Also, i had a question. I want to join Thunkable Beta and had sent an e-mail to Cassandra but there has been no reply till now. Is there an alternative way to join Beta?

@varunkadapatti Our apologies on not getting a response to your request to join on our Beta testing cohort. That is limited to users in a Pro plan or above currently. If you do wish to upgrade and join, let me know here and I can get you into beta access.

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That’s perfectly all right. I shall consider byting the Pro plan.

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