Is there a way to change the firebase auth language?

Hi there,
I am using Firebase to store the account. Therefore, I need to translate the authentication error message language. Is it possible to do it so. ?
I found this from Firebase Documentation, idk how to equip. Thanks

When you get the error message, you may use the yandex translator…

Seriously, the translator may not 100% accurate what the message said. That’s may related to the user getting confused.
Moreover, the translater didn’t have that language called Traditional Chinese ( TW/HK)

Try this
Use the API above…

Or, research here at Google

How to use :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
PS:Web API sucker ( beginner

Hey @BlueWhaleYT, do you know how to create security rules in firebase so that one user can see only his information and not other people’s?

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In Firebase Database?

Umm not.
I’m not waste my time to study Firebase.
In the current,I just using it for account.

in my app multiple people give their personal informations and I’d like it to be private to only them and the administrator