Is there a public api of google search

Is there a public api of google search? Can i use it and create my google search app using thunkable as is not opening in my laptop

I don’t know why

But you can do open link
" search words)

  • The URL shouldn’t contain any spaces. Use a plus sign (+) in place of each space.
  • Certain characters can’t be used literally; they must be encoded using Percentage encode, into a form like %nn.

For example, the query [ “a song for you” ] would be encoded in a URL as , where each quote ( " ) is replaced by %22.


For encoding special character, please look at
Convertor and reference are available there.

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Hi, Can we create a os in thunkable


@label1.visible-true Hi, I said can we create a Operating system on thunkable? Is there a drag and drop builder for Operating system

This is only an app builder, why will you think it can build OS?