Is there a block for check if the sound has stopped?


Hi guys, is there a “block” to create behavior like this:

If sound has stopped playing,
do: something

I want if the sound has stopped, then the button visible = true

No, but please comment on this feature request and make sure to link to this topic.

Feature request: No way of knowing if sound playing is done · Issue #1235 · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub

Hello @nwr . You could save into a variable the duration in seconds of each sound and add a wait button in order to make the button visible.

Thank you for the answer from Mr. @tatiang and Mr. @ioannis.
For Mr. Ioannis, if I use the block like you gave, it means I have to put in every duration of the sound, right?. It’s just that a sound I have are quite a lot, sir :smile:

mm I’ve seen blocks like this on docs.thunkable site

Where is the block located? It is possible that there are blocks such as “is sound.wav stop?”

@nwr Here is the block

You can create a variable list with sound durations.

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