Is there a 3'th party app for this problem or can we find a work arround

Hi thunkers
I need a way to find out if the phone with my installed app is crossing a city border or a certent distance if our thunkable app is closed or in background.
I think I am right to say it is not possible to do with thunkable. BUT is there a 3’th part app that we can sign up to that works in the background so we can send out a notification when the user crosses a position or so???
Or is there absolutetly no way to solve this???

Fyi, both Apple and Google stores have recently changed their policies on background location tracking.

If the goal is to integrate the rest of you app with a location notification, you might consider something like art/flutter to build the tracking component. It MIGHT be possible to have your dart app send a onesignal push notification to your thunkable app, but then your users must install 2 apps :roll_eyes:

Plus, you will need to justify how why flutter/dart app only monitors the location and sends that information to a third party (onesignal). I’m guessing Apple and Google will consider that spyware.

If your thunkable app remembers the last location before turning off and compared that location to location upon re-opening, would that be acceptable?

What is your use case?

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Hi @drted
Tanks for you fine answer.
I am making a community app where we have many of the local shops. then they can make some ood offers to te people in the city. And when you come from other citys to my city the get a welcome to the city notification/SMS and the local good offers. Do you know what I mean???

This is called geo-fencing. I know how to do it but not with Thunkable. It works without having to enable the GPS.

That sound interesting. Is it something you like to share with me please??

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This is a Wiki article about geo-fencing
Geo-fence - Wikipedia).

Which I feel this is what you want to achieve.

I think a simple thunkable solution is to check the location when the app opens based on the current location, most recent location, and home location.

If the user doesn’t open you app, no message. But for those using the app, they can receive your message. Not perfect, but Thunkable.

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Agreed :+1: