"is number?" ... that cannot be found

A greeting to all the members of the community.

I am new to this large group and I am not very familiar with the Thunkable environment.

I have a great doubt; I saw in a tutorial that the “is number?” function exists but I can’t find it in MATH. Can anyone help me understand where it is?

Thanks to all of you, in advance.


Hi @rigardo.christianoud :wave:

Welcome to the community!

We don’t have a specific isNumber block right now, but we were discussing something very similar in this thread yesterday:

Hope that helps!

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Hey @rigardo.christianoud, welcome to the community!! :open_hands:

Thanks for posting this question. You’ll definitely want to check out the link that @domhnallohanlon shared. It is very doable to be able to check that some value is a number with not a few blocks, unfortunately not only 1.

Try those examples in the link shared with you, if they don’t work or you can’t figure it out, post back here and we’ll be happy to help you figure it out!!

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Hi @domhnallohanlon and @jared, thank you very much for your fast reply.

The examples are very easy to understand and i’ll try immediatelly to apply these solutions.

I post the link of the “tutorial” that I read and that made me think that “is number” exists on Thunkable:


I certainly misunderstood the subject.

I thank everyone again for the important help.

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Check “is number”.



Hey @actech, nice example! Does this account for special characters like an apostrophe or quotation marks?

My example can can find numbers that are numbers in different record format:

  1. integers: 134, -3456
  2. fractional numbers with a symbol . - 12.45
  3. numbers in scientific form with the symbol e or E - 5e2
  4. hexadecimal numbers with the symbol x - 0xffff
  5. binary numbers with the symbol b or B - 0B1101
  6. octal numbers the symbol o or O - 0o23
  7. -Infinity and Infinity

If a character can be included in a number as above, then these are numbers. If the symbol is not used when writing numbers , it is not a number.