Is it possible to use UDP with Thunkable?

Hi all,

while it seems possible to install an extension to the Classic Thunk, is it possible to use UDP on the new X platform?

Hi @hhietala, thanks for your question!

We want to build the components that will be most useful to the widest possible audience. While UDP would be really useful in specific cases, it’s not something that we get a whole lot of requests for or something the Thunkers tell us is “missing” from the platform.

We have a Web API component for making HTTP requests and a BLE component for for Bluetooth compatibility - are either of these options to you for your project?

If not, can you tell us a little more about what you’re building, and how/why UDP is needed?

Thank you!!

Well hello! That was fast!

I am asking for UDP because I work with ESP32s a lot, and am currently building a remote control car.

This is the preferred user interface.

I could use the generic UDP Sender app, but I need to send both direction and speed commands, and UDP Sender is slow in that regard.

I have other ideas for controlling ESP32 over the Web and UDP just happens to be the fastest channel with the least latency .

If this isn’t doable, I’ll just build a web server on the ESP32 directly and use it to house this user interface in HTML, so my project isn’t going to die, but Thunkable is so cool and I want to show my students how they can use it to their advantage in building IoT devices with Android.

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I think either the webserver approach or the BLE component would be your best bet here so @hhietala

Well yes, BLE is nice of course, but versatility reasons make me still want UDP.

I understand there is a UDP extension in App Inventor, I think I will go that route now.

But as an investment in time and effort, how much is it for you folks to write an extension or block like UDP?


I’m interested to this discussion, any update regarding the UDP communication extensions? still not possible to use ?