Is IT possible to download blocks as image?

Hello everyone.
Is there a way i can download My blocks as An PNG image?
Like App Inventor 2 has.

Thanks for replying fellow humanoid.
But i am not talking about that i am talking about this.

not possible but u can still win+shift+s :wink:

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But then i have to crop the image. Right?

No, we don’t have this functionality at the moment @lukehoogenboom0i.

Creating screen clippings is available without any third-party software on a Mac. On a PC I had a plug in for Chrome that was great - I had a search here but can’t find it: Chrome Web Store

Perhaps one of those will work for you instead? How many images do you need to make?

Windows key, ctrl, s

I learned this trick yesterday.


same post as mine…
its easy but it cant function like it does in mit

I Use a Chromebook so this probally wont work.

Not that much.

Chrome extension is probably the way to go so!

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How about this? I love googling things, ya know!


I already knew that short-cut for taking screen shots.

Wouldn’t it be easier to have this future?
So we can take one picture of the blocks instead of making like five screen shots of the blocks?

Aha…I’m guessing you have a lot of blocks on your screen so?

Yep, would definitely be a “nice to have” alright - I can bring this up for you but to be honest, when there are already so many other ways of getting screenshots, I’m not sure how high a priority this would be.

As you mention yourself above you don’t need to take that many screenshots, so in the amount of time it would take us to design, develop, test and deploy this feature you’d be able to take screenshots of every project you have.

Hope that makes sense.


Yes IT does.
Thank you @domhnallohanlon

maybe you can zoom out max and then take screenshot and crop