Is it possible in Thunkable X to kind of filter the list of available BLE devices during scan?

Hi dear community, I was wondering if there is a way to build a filtered View List of discovered BLE devices during bluetooth scan, to not display absolutely all available bluetooth devices but for example only with a specific Service UUID: FFF0 ?

There should be a way. I’m not too familiar with BLE scans… is it possible for you to provide a sample of what that full list looks like? Text would be best; a screenshot would still be helpful.

The list of discovered bluetooth devices simply looks like a list of different devices names. It shows all devices with different Service UUIDs, but I want to filter them to see only the ones with a specific Service too choose from.

I understand what you’re asking and I’m saying that it’s probably pretty easy but I can’t help you figure out how without seeing what that list looks like. Presumably, you can see the Service UUIDs and want to filter them but I can’t see them so I have no idea how they are formatted, if they are all in one line or separated by special characters or returns or…?

Edit: I see in the documentation that the bluetooth scan returns a list. So to filter that list, you can loop through the list (using a for each item in block from the list drawer) and check to see if each item contains (using the does contain block from the text drawer) the term you want such as “FFF0”.

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To this end, the following post may be helpful!

The thing is that Services UUIDs are not listing when discovered, only listing devices Names and IDs…

See these:

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I need your help?

Yeah, currently Thunkable only can scan device Name and ID, but not other functions likes RSSI and Services. On this image discoverable are only top 2 lines, which are different for each BLE device usually, but everything underneath is not scanable, like the Service characteristic with “FFF0” UUID, which is same for all modules from a specific manufacturer with a specific function…

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