Is it ok that i use thunkable for my youtube coding thing?

Should I pay for using thunkable for my youtube channel or

no theres no need…
i also have my channel called Apploro and i also gave few thunkable tutorials
tho thunkable has main channel but you can start theres no harm

thx and i saw you project it is very nice hopping we can work together

and what editing software do you use



i saw that but it is nice but not a lot of things to use

yes even i make uis there only


ui for driblle i mean…


so i am making a app which is little like Alexa and there should be endless things so are you free to help

umm you mean you want me to make the ui or help you for front and backend both?

na if you want to help help this is the link i am still working on it


umm well this isnt some pm chat this the the main place…

and if have any help do tell me or post a topic in community