Is Firebase still issuing API keys?

Hey guys,

Have you noticed that firebase is no longer issuing API keys for new projects? What’s the workaround? Any ideas are highly welcome.

No… is there documentation about that change? I just signed up for Firebase a couple weeks ago and was able to see my API key.


When you try now there is no appear available when I tray other means then I can’t! find the database URL.

This is how we used to get the API Key now it says there is no API key

See the third screenshot under “Connect Your Firebase Project with Thunkable” at The API key is still listed in that section of the console for each app. My “Web API Key” has the same message as yours (No Web API Key for this project) but I was able to get the API key from the app section below that.

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hi do this

Hi @thanos-x,
In the same page you provided the screenshot, check the “Service accounts” under admin you will find both web API and database URL.

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I cant seem to find “service accounts” could you kindly send a screen short

This does not give the databaseURL

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Database URL is easy open the database in your Firebase console and you will see the database URL as the caption of your database screen.