Is an action bar possible with top-tab navigators?

Alright. Let’s get straight to it - here’s an example of action bar (the title row above the top-tabs)

The “WhatsApp” on top is the action bar (I don’t need the search feature). Since I wanted my app to have both action bar and top-tabs, I ended up creating a custom top-tab navigator with buttons & a column.

In my case, the action bar is a simple row with a background pic. The two tabs are buttons, which show & hide the contents of their respective tab & the indicators below them are colored labels. It was all going perfect, until a few weeks before I started experiencing bugs related to visibility. So, custom top tabs and action bar is not working for me.

In simple words, I just want a ~50px tall row/column above the default top-tabs. Do you have any way to achieve this? By negative margin/padding or by any other way? If so, sharing it would be really helpful :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks!

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As far as i know this is not possible.
I’ve tried it multiple Times.
With no result of succes.