IRAC - My first App

IRAC - Image Recogniser and Captioner
This app can depict captions, tags and also emotions simultaneously for an image.
Apps like this made previously have different modules for emotions and captions, but in this app, they all are depicted simultaneously.
One more thing this also gives audio feedback for captions.

Main Extensions and Components used:
1.Microsoft Image Recognizer
2Microsoft Emotion Recognizer
3.Webviewer Dialog Extension
5.Taifun Screenshot

Please try this and give feedbacks.

IRAC.apk (2.9 MB)


I think you forgot to include a download link?

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yeah, I’ve edited the post.

Cool design :+1::clap:

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I love the design too! Everything looks in place, you have AdMob and a very well made app. You can upload this app successfully to the Google Play, also thanks a lot of for using my WebViewer Dialog!

Thanks @barreeeiroo and @ILoveThunkable

Good design :slight_smile:
Suggestion : give an option to copy tags and image caption.

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of course, This can be done, but what will be the use of this? @Madan_Mathod

great design - super!


Thanks @Flip_Flop

yeah sure, 'will update by tomorrow.

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Updated the app with new Webviewer extension V5 @ILoveThunkable and also added interstitial ad. Download from link given in post above.

Hey, I uploaded a new version v5 :slight_smile:, added Dismiss Dialog feature + hasButton! You may want to use that :wink:

Mistake, I’ve used V5 not V4. It’s great! @ILoveThunkable Great work!

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Nice looking app. How did you set it up as a 30 day trial? Can you share the blockS for that please? I have a similar situation with my new app that I am attempting ti implement. ThNKA.

Thanks… but I have implemented 3 day trial in my another app not this one…
you can find relevant blocks here: