IoT home appliance control app with Particle

Hi! So I’m looking for a no-code slash low-code tool for building a mobile app as a controller for an IoT hardware product that I’ve built. It’s basically a smart home appliance with some sensors and actuators and lights that need to be controlled. The IoT device uses a Particle P1 Wifi MCU for its connection to the internet and the Particle Cloud for all of the API calls that control the units. The API calls should be no problem using Thunkable. But the part that I’m not sure about is the initial set up of the ioT units. As with many Wifi-connected IoT units the user first needs to connect to the local WiFi being broadcast by the product and then once that connection is made the user can send over the SSID and password for their home WiFi network. Particle actually has a nice pre-built tool for this called the Photon Setup Library as part of iOS and Android SDK that they provide (iOS SDK | Reference | Particle). I’m wondering whether it’s possible to integrate a pre-built tool like this into a Thunkable app. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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