iOS restarts by itself, Android works fine

Hello suddenly my iOS version re-starts by itself. Android is no problem.

My App stores a value after it registers with my server the first time. Next time you start the app, registration process is not invoked. Some 5 days ago, the iOS version doesn’t store the value and goes 100% to the registration process while the Android version works correctly as always.

The only thing I added 5 days ago is a function that downloads a csv file. Funny thing is that i dont get to call that function on iOS because it always goes to registration and after i fill out the form and hit submit, the App restarts. Remember, it only happens in iOS and my Registration process has been working for months.

I need to share this project with somebody that is willing to take a look.

Thank you in advance,


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Hi, @Carlos_Bieberach! :wave:

I think you have the latest iOS 13 on yours.
The developers are fixing (almost fixed) this issue, that the app immediately closes after opening.

@Mark should help you on this regard with iOS updates.

Up to now, the issues with iOS 13 that we had seen or heard of all involved the app crashing immediately upon starting up, so this one sounds a bit different. @Carlos_Bieberach, if you can post a copy/share link (see here for how) to your project. along with directions on how to trigger the crash, it might help us to diagnose your problem.


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Thank you Mark. I checked all 3 iPhones and they all are 12.x

The app shows the splash screen, so it looks like it “re-starts” after something she doesn’t like. It doesn’t happen on Android.

Will post link here in the morning. I removed the “login” and “register” blocks which were the cause of the restart.

Thank you again,


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I was able to capture some errors.

Even after not using login and register i still get the splash screen.

I am still using “clone” to create my buttons and buttons parameters are coming from a web api call. That could be the problem.

Will share link next.

Hello Mark,
I made my project Public and generated a link but can not copy the link, it is not readable.

Is a snap-shot ok ?

How can i share it privately with you ? All my credentials will be exposed including my API server.

Are you part of the Thunkable team ?