Introducing Thunkbrowse Project

So, many of you may have heard of Chromium. It’s Google’s open-source project for web browsers. Of course, Chromium can’t be used in Thunkable. So I was searching and searching, and searching for an open-source code for a web browser for Thunkable, but I never found any. Then, a sudden thought popped up in my mind: “Maybe I should make an app for others to use just like Chromium!”

So I’ve made it, and I’m proud to present an open-source project for Thunkable and other developers out there.

Introducing the Thunkbrowse Project, an open-source project for anyone to use.

It contains a few key features:

  • Quick Links
  • Searchify
  • Appscope
  • Quick Buttons

Quick Links
Quick Links are 5 links on the Home Screen.

Currently, Google, Amazon, Wikipedia, Appscope, and Settings are Quick Links. You can customize them however you want to.

Searchify is a simple piece of code that can automatically search Google if the Search button is pressed. Pressing enter on the keyboard will take you to a website, so be sure users know that.

Appscope is an online web app store, kinda like Chrome Web Store. You can submit your own apps, but they MUST be full web apps, which means that you’ll need a Thunkable PRO account.

Quick Buttons
Quick Buttons are 3 buttons on the bottom of the screen.

Reload will (obviously) reload the page while holding it will take you back. Pressing the "More Options button will show all of the actions, like back, reload, forward, home, and Google.

These are just the base of Thunkbrowse browsers, and the first browser to feature Thunkbrowse will be Blaze Hyper Browse.

Check out the base app now: Thunkable
Hey: most websites won’t be supported if you view it inside of the app preview page. I recommend that you view it in the Thunkable Live app.