Introducing Sound AiSleep: Kids audiobooks spoken in their parent's voice, using AI voice clones - the first of its kind

We’ve just launched our app Sound AiSleep: Create kids audiobooks spoken in their parent’s voice.
We had no background in apps or coding and have used Thunkable to create the first version of our app! You can download it on the App Store here: ‎Sound AiSleep on the App Store

If you want to try and test a free audiobook email us at and we’ll send you a promo code!

We’re always looking from feedback and we’d love to hear the Thunkable communities thoughts!

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Looks cool . Do you have android version

Thank you! Not yet, but we plan to launch Android soon.

I’m teaching a 7th & 8th grade elective class on Artificial Intelligence and I showed them your post. We had a great discussion about the positive ways this might help families and also the ethical dilemmas around impersonating another person’s voice. This is impressive technology and my students described it as “falling into a grey area.”

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Do you use PlayHT tts?

That’s very interesting, thank you for sharing! We also know we could never replace reading to your kids – nothing could replace the special bond parent and child share while reading bedtime stories. We hope to instead, upgrade the occasional audiobook parents already play for their children! What were the ethical concerns that arose from your discussion?

We tested all the AI tts partners (including PlayHT) and decided on Eleven Labs as they had the most authentic sounding voices, quickest cloning times, and best fit our use case. If you want to test how realistic your voice sounds using our app – you can use the promo code: FREEBOOK2024 :slight_smile:

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Actually, I don’t have an IOS device, you. must Launch Android Version as soon as possible as many Potential Consumers from Developing nations like South-east Asia are mostly using Android.

Yes we are planning on launching an Android version asap. You can sign up here to be notified when we launch on Google Play Store: