Introducing Blaze QuickMail - They way to email undistracted

Blaze QuickMail is an app for your email to use on writing messages via email without getting distracted.

For example…
You need to write an email to a business about a refund, but you get distracted by an email about a 10% off offer for an item. You get distracted by other emails.

But QuickMail ends that now.
QuickMail has simple recipient, subject, and body text input. You will then confirm that your message is correct. Your default email app will then open. You can now do advanced formatting like italics, bold, and underline. Once you have confirmed you have your email written the way you like it, you can then send it to the recipient that you chose at the beginning

Inside of QuickMail is another app called QuickDial.
QuickDial allows you to quickly call and message the people you know without any extra steps. Just type the phone number you wish to call or message, select “Call” or “Message”, and then write your message and confirm your message by sending the message, or confirm the phone number you typed by pressing Call.

*Thanks to…
Font Meme for the Product Sans font: Product Sans Font Download
Of course, Thunkable’s sharing features for allowing us to share as an email, text, or message directly.

Some features may not work if you use the web version. To get all of the features use the Thunkable Live app on a phone or tablet.
This app has not been tested on a tablet, so some features may not work as expected.

hey @itzcreeper seems amazing you may share some screenshots and maybe download link