Instagram video downloader app is now on play

Here is my new app published to playstore

Check it out :slight_smile:
Link : Now Unavailable
After you check out app
Feel free to give me some suggestions to improve app.

Cheers !

New update added

  • Preparing dialog added
  • After download dialog added
  • bugs fixed !!!

Check out for the new release ā€¦

Cheers !

In the next Update :
Theme changed
Easy mode is now lighter & fast
Story downloader (Beta)

Some sneakpeeks :slight_smile: !

Your Suggestions Needed
You suggestions help me a lot !!! If you find any bugs or policy voilations in my app. Kindly report me !!! Thanks Cheers !!

Iā€™m a student developer. Friends I need your suggestions to grow and also your support.

Now I updated my app. I already asked for suggestions for my app in previous reply. Iā€™m waiting for suggestions and improving feedback.

Support me to grow friends

Check out the my app
With - Dark UI

Not available currently

Cheers !