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Hello team, nice to meet you ?

I already have some knowledge on javascript, html5 and some basic notion about react-native with expo cli.
I recently discovered your Thunkable app generator which I find so great.
After that I did follow some tutorials step by step and I don’t realy understand one particular thing…
It’s really a mystery to me…So my question is :
Where could I find the text input option box called “from - set - to” and “from - get” in your interface…???
I am on linux, so maybe is something to see with that but I dont thing so because I already tried with my Ipad pro too and it still same thing persist, so I dont know…???

Anyway just let you see my screen capture for further details :

Can you help me please Thank you so much.

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Welcome to the community.

There was an upgrade to the system on Wednesday and the terms changed a bit. The From is now changed to Set, the block is basically the same.


Hello Munner

Thank you very much for this quick answer…
Now excuse me if am not fast enought but what about the Get field…

Born 57 :roll_eyes:

Ave a plaisant day

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It’s now even shorter. Without the Get just the block name such as


hey I had the same problem but in the uptade I cant attach the the set. can you pls fix that

Can you send us a screenshot of what you’re trying to attach please @aarush12.tiwari8s ?

Hi but sorry now its done. I found out oneother way thanks for your help!

And thunkable is just a good app, can you please tell me what are the benifits of thunkable pro?

Hi @aarush12.tiwari8s Please go to and click on the Pricing link at the top. You can see a comparison of the free and paid/Pro versions of Thunkable there. If you have questions, please start a new topic since this one is about input field text.

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