Initial delay when previewing and changing properties

This topic got me thinking about a larger perspective on changes made when an app starts.

I’ve wondered for a long time why Thunkable doesn’t process property changes first and then render/display the screen components. With the tool I used to use for developing apps before I found Thunkable, these types of changes would occur before the screen elements were displayed.

But with Thunkable, if I set a label’s text property to “Label” in the properties window and then have a set of blocks that says “When screen opens” → "set label’s text to “Something else”, when I preview it, I’ll first see “Label” for a second and then see “Something else.”

It seems that the default functionality should be to display “Something else” and not show “Label” at all. Because I can artificially delay that change with a Wait block but there’s not a way to artificially remove the delay that’s built in now.

It makes for extra work and less friendly design because I generally have to set all labels’ text to “” which then makes them more or less invisible on my screen layout.

Edit: Of course when I test this in a new Drag & Drop project… it doesn’t have any delay. :man_shrugging: Snap to Place seems equally fast. Did something change recently? I’ve been using workarounds for a looong time and I’d love to no longer have to.

Sample project: Thunkable


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