Infinite Study App

In the meantime, I’ve made and refined my study app.
Would you like to see this app?
Thank you.

What you can get through this app.

  1. You can easily create blank questions in 1 second.
  2. You can automatically create a blank problem randomly.
  3. You can solve the problem repeatedly until the content to study is memorized.
  4. The blank is the best way to review.
  5. You can easily review anywhere, such as subway, bus, school, home, cafe, park.
  6. When building a palace of memory, you don’t have to spend too much time imagining too many images.
  7. Just paste the content to study GIF images associated with the word appears.
  8. You can remember the GIF image associated with the word and store it in your head.
  9. Images are memorable for longer than text.
  10. This will help you prepare for the multiple choice test as well as the multiple choice test.
  11. You can study law and foreign languages.
  12. If you have text to study, you can prepare and start studying so easily.
  13. Easily read, solve problems, and create a palace of memory with one hand.
  14. The usage is so simple.
  15. You can review in the simplest way in the world.

Hi there,
I don’t understand the Korean language
I could only see undefined for those “images”.

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Thank you very much for your reply.
Can you take a screenshot and send it to me?

My email is [email protected]

Is there an English version?

Thank you for your comment.
There is no English version.
But I will update.

Awesome! It looks great and I love the idea. I teach kids who have a hard time remembering things and as a graduate student i study all the time. I appreciate all cool study tools! good job @48d7b0bab98fa9cfafb8!!!


Wow … your comments are really powerful. Thank you very much. I’m so happy that my ideas might help someone. Thank you very much.

Don’t take this the wrong way, you have every right to make money from your apps.

But do you think people who are trying to study really need to see ads? Will that not be distracting?

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You are right. I understand too. I need to think of a better way.