Increase the speed of cloning?

Hello, like many people I find that cloning is super slow, but really slow.

Especially when you display dynamic data coming from firebase.

I also noticed that if you start on a blank screen Screen1 and navigate directly to the screen where the cloning is happening it works fast!

On the other hand if you load a 1000 block screen and in this screen you use the cloning screen then it will be very slow.

I have tried many ways to trick this process but I can’t do it, do you have an idea ?

there is nothing you can do make it fast and one thing it is fast second if you have lots of data then it takes time

Im thinking of changing clone by creating is more fast.

You could do a type of lazy loading. You clone the first 10 records and then have a button at the bottom to clone 10 more if the user wants to “see more”.


Thanks, I created a “create” function instead of “clone”.

It’s much faster 1 to 2 seconds max to create compared to 10 with cloning.

I can’t add a button or the user wants to see more.
That would be weird

I create a menu like Uber here it is.

It will dynamically display the data according to the selected menu then the customer will have to choose according to the rules emitted on the menu in question here are the 3 different checkboxes