[In Progress] Does anyone have a problem accessing Thunkable?

Yes the thunkable is stopping again and again
When I am opening my project it is showing web server is down

Thanks folks, there’s a couple of things happening here.

One is that our DB provider are experiencing degraded performance at the the moment:
This is what is contributing to the slow loading times

The second is due to yesterday’s release. We’re looking into this now and will update you shortly when this is resolved.

Thanks everyone!


Hello everyone.
Is anyone else having this?

After editing projects for a few hours OR minutes.
I have a lot of lag.

And a message that says waiting for bugsnack OR something simulair.

I constantly have this while switching to designer OR block editor.
OR When trying to edit a component.

Yes me here

moving this here @lukehoogenboom0i as this is most likely a temporary thing - should be resolved soon:

Apologies for the inconvenience.

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@domhnallohanlon hey I am still having this issue, I tried all the methods you suggested but still I can open my project / Block tab

I can see all the projects but when I try to open the project this screen appears

please help me

should i send you my project link

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Check any other project of your project list. If it works then your issue is different from what is being posted and specific to a single project and Thunkable staff could help.

The reported issue in the post is not being able to open blocks tab you are talking about project tab.

Hey now its working earlier it was not anyways

thanks for your help

on thunkable?

Thanks @yash.sehgal.20391e (and @muneer) this was a DB issue earlier today - they’ve fixed the issue but the service still isn’t back up to 100% yet.

Correct. There are two things happening here - the speed at which the projects are being fetched from the database and whether or not the project gets displayed. We’re working on a fix for the second one at the moment.

Me too but when I refresh no promblem

oh ok Try this: Refresh the page

@domhnallohanlon ok…Though my question was that was the release frontend or backend :grinning:

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Fix it, thunkable

i have server issue too i hope this will be fixed soon

@Balanced_Kitchen @overturner @skulamester @mimostel @abhiram10 and @savequik @lukehoogenboom0i @zimat.bed9ut @10627025e84b @ninja_x

We just pushed a fix there - can you all do a hard refresh/clear cache and try again?



@domhnallohanlon No , it is not working . I did 5 hard refreshes.


Live test Hangs
Page refreshing automatically
Preview as responsive web app not working

I still have the same problem

Now also it is having problem

still having the problem

working for me now (srry for late post, i managed to have a break from job right now :relaxed:)