IMPORTANT Very annoying act of Thunkable

I have been working on creating an app for 5 months now, I wasted a lot of time
And I put in it a lot of effort. And I wasted money too because I am a Pro member at Thunkable.
And when I am close to finishing my project. I found out that Thunkable does not support Arabic app direciton on Android phones. (This feels very bad when you get close to achieving a goal, and you are faced with a trivial problem like this)
And the shameful thing on the part of Thunkable too … When I contacted them for this problem, they asked me to send a link to the application containing some words in Arabic) and 16 day I was waiting for a response from them . You can see their funny response in the link below.
and when i sennd them any masseage about tis issues the didint unswer me and ingor me
I really want to leave Thunkable, but the problem is that I have an app on Google Play and Apple Store for my company with Thunkable.

If you were in this position, what would you do ??? Is there any advice

The sad thing is that a big company like Thunkable does not have highly experienced developers to fix the many issuse that happen every day. And the funny thing is that when they fix something, they sabotage something else that was working fine

With my appreciation to the Thunkable members


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