Image Rotation not available in thunkable x

Hi there
I am making a spinning wheel app using thunkable x. I’ve seen some video tutorials but all those were of classic thunkable. There is no such code block available in Thunkable X to make my wheel rotate at certain angles. Is there anything I can do to make it work?

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You’ll need to create a sprite on the canvas and assign an image to it. Then you can use the angle property block(s) to rotate the sprite. See Sprites - ✕ Docs.


Thanks for your reply and suggestions. I’ve tried using it but unfortunately now my sprite image has gone invisible :pensive:
Can you please check out the “SPIN WHEEL” section of my app?

I want it to make it rotate continuously for 5 seconds

I think your project got corrupted somehow. When I click on the sprite on the canvas or in the drawer, it takes me to the Blocks tab.

You should try to add a new sprite instead of using the one you have. If that doesn’t work, you may need to revert to a backup of the project or contact Support for help.

I even tried deleting the canvas and adding a new canvas and a new sprite and it still doesn’t work correctly.

I also tried creating a new legacy interface project and adding these blocks but the sprite doesn’t turn at all:

Edit: once I turned off Fixed Rotation AND switched it to when button click, it worked:

Here’s the demo project: Thunkable

In your project, you need to turn off Fixed Rotation (set it to false):