Image Rotation not available in thunkable x

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I am making a spinning wheel app using thunkable x. I’ve seen some video tutorials but all those were of classic thunkable. There is no such code block available in Thunkable X to make my wheel rotate at certain angles. Is there anything I can do to make it work?

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You’ll need to create a sprite on the canvas and assign an image to it. Then you can use the angle property block(s) to rotate the sprite. See Sprites - ✕ Docs.


Thanks for your reply and suggestions. I’ve tried using it but unfortunately now my sprite image has gone invisible :pensive:
Can you please check out the “SPIN WHEEL” section of my app?

I want it to make it rotate continuously for 5 seconds

I think your project got corrupted somehow. When I click on the sprite on the canvas or in the drawer, it takes me to the Blocks tab.

You should try to add a new sprite instead of using the one you have. If that doesn’t work, you may need to revert to a backup of the project or contact Support for help.

I even tried deleting the canvas and adding a new canvas and a new sprite and it still doesn’t work correctly.

I also tried creating a new legacy interface project and adding these blocks but the sprite doesn’t turn at all:

Edit: once I turned off Fixed Rotation AND switched it to when button click, it worked:

Here’s the demo project: Thunkable

In your project, you need to turn off Fixed Rotation (set it to false):


I finally found a solution for rotating an image on Thunkable directly w/o using sprites, so sharing here my solution:

  • Submit the image to Cloudinary and get an image URL back (In my case, I was doing it anyway).

  • In the URL text replace “upload/” with "upload/a_90/” (in case of rotation of 90 degrees, or you can do any other rotation). This will add a_90 to the URL as in this documentation by Cloudinary: Image rotation | Cloudinary Cookbook



And why do you want to do all that? It is available natively in Thunkable.

See this

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Hi Muneer, thanks! I was not aware of the transform option (within positioning) and did not check it, so I am not sure if it’s going to work. I guess that it depends on the use case.
In my specific case, I had an image coming from the user camera. I actually wanted to rotate the image from the user’s camera, and not just how it is presented on the screen, so the Cloudinary solution worked for me. Now that it’s working, I don’t want to touch it :slight_smile:


I commented on the post mainly because the subject of the post gives impression that such feature is not available in Thunkable while it is in fact there waiting to be used.

Happy Thunking!