Image Loading ruins experience

I am making a hangman game but everytime ‘‘Image1’’ switches to a different image. It needs to load the image. Is there a way to makes it more seamless instead of it dissapearing for a split second? It not being instant makes entering the wrong letter seem less threatening for some reason.

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Hey @benica44na3c58

How long of a delay are we talking about here? Where do you load the assets from?

Where are your images residing?
Aren’t your images part of the project assets?

If the image file sizes are relatively small and they are stored in the project, there should be no lag.

No longer than half a second, but it is still bothering as it looks like it ‘‘flashes’’ white when switching between images. Its loaded from files ive uploaded.

Yeah i uploaded them in the ‘‘Files’’

It might just be on the web viewer. I havent tried on Thunkable Live yet.

Can you post a link to an app that shows this. behavior. This might happen if the local files were very large, but when i use images from icons8, i can change photos so fast i don’t notice the blink.

I only notice the delay you mention when i update with an image from the internet.

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Here you go! :smiley: (did not even know i could share links)

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I saw what you mean.

I did a similar game a while ago but I did it the other way round.

I have an image of the full hangman (with all the pieces) and I have basic shapes in the same color of the screen to cover the parts I don’t want to show. I then remove the shapes one at a time.

For example, when the user gives a wrong letter, I remove the shape covering the head, if the next letter is wrong then I remove the shape covering the body and so on.


You don’t need a Forever loop. This makes the app slower and does not provide any benefit. The actions will only take place when a key is pressed so this is where you specify action.

For the buttons of the alphabet letters you could use Any component instead of coding for each key.

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I am new to Thunkable and would not exactly know how to do this, and i also dont know how easy it would be to implement this far into coding it. Also, could you share a link to your Hangman-type game? I might be able to learn from it! :smiley:

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I don’t think I still have it. It was just a simple attempt.

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