I'm finding projects that I haven't created

Whenever I open the iOS alpha, I find two projects that are not mine, namely ‘success’ and ‘message’. Please look into this. Anybody else facing the same issue?

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I only have my own projects in the list.

What happens when you try to delete them?

Deleting them seems to be of no use. They reappear whenever I reload the page. Moreover, the Open and Delete buttons are not aligned within the white rectangle. They’re just blank projects.

That wired, maybe the @admins should look at this problem.

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I saw those projects yesterday too.

Plus, they seem badly out of alignment (as I’ve mentioned before). So that means that they were never meant to be there in the first place. Something like this:

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keep all this feedback coming! this is great! @albert and I are compiling a list of all these issues to be fixed!

I have those 2 projects now too.

Same here. It has been more than two days now…

I dont have them. Yet…

Hi there. Thanks for your patience and feedback. We just pushed a release that we hope fixes this. Please let us know if it works!