If "occurence" is more than once

Didnt found a solution for my issue, so here i am.
I have a list, lets say:
0 2,5
1 2,7
2 2,1
3 2,5
4 2,3
5 2,5
6 2,0 and so on
and i need to find all values, lets say equal to 2,5 and replace with something else
“find # occurence” in listss blocks doesnt help me, as i can select only "first", "last", "random" and not all. Im not looking for a loop that evaluates every lists item … or maybe this is the only solution ?
thank you.

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Yes. You’ll need to loop as the efficient and. Or text process.


Hi there,

Just to elaborate on Jared’s recommendation to do this with text processing:

You can start by converting your list to text with a list block:

NOTE: I used a comma as a delimiter here. This is the character that separates values in your list. Since your list items contain commas, you should use another delimiter, like a semi-colon ;

Then replace whatever value you want to replace in this text with text blocks:

Then convert this text back to a list:

Make sure to use the same delimiter as earlier!

Then you can set your List Viewer to display this new list:

You can see a project that uses these blocks here