If label1 is written then write in label2

Hi, so i have 5 (will add more) labels that i want to have to save messages that clients make.
Let me explain it from the beginning: i have a contact page that has 2 textimput, one for telephone number or email and the other is the message, and a button that sends these two texts to the cloud. On another page i have 5 (will add more) labels, one of them gets the cloud message and inserts it into the label. I wanna do that if label1 is empty then the message will write on the first label, but if it’s written then it’ll write the next message on the next label, so label2 and so on. I’m doing all this so i dont have to use email codes and stuff, i’m really new to this so i cant figure out how to do such things, on youtube theres only tutorials with the old version of thunkable. If there’s someone to help me i’ll appreciate it, thanks in advance.

I think if you use it Spreadsheet by Airtable https://docs.thunkable.com/spreadsheet , you will achieve the desired result.
Good luck

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