I'd love to hear your thoughts on Thunkable X

Hey Thunkers,

I am relatively new to Thunkable, but not to coding. I’d like hear how some of you like Thunkable and how you are using it.

What is your biggest challenge or frustration with Thunkable?

What is your biggest hope, dream, or desire relating to Thunkable / Learning to Code?

Thanks for taking the time to share!


The biggest problem is the lack of the ability to create hybrid applications due to the lack of data exchange between the WebViewer and the app.

Thanks for responding! Could you elaborate?

  • In regards to a hybrid application, do you mean from a User Interface perspective? Have you tried making a responsive html/css webpage with bootstrap and then showing that in the WebViewer?

  • Or are you referring to not being able to transfer data between your web application and thunkable? Have you tried using Firebase? That’s what I’ve been using for my webpage apps.

By a hybrid application, I mean an application with a web interface in which you can access native features locally (without access to the web). I also use Firebase, but I would like to do without it.

The lack of a mechanism for creating extensions is also a problem.

Developers position this platform as an opportunity not to use text programming. Is this an advantage? I believe that programming should be not only affordable, but also effective. And for this it is necessary to combine the efficiency of block programming with the efficiency of text programming.

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